Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my session?

       My sessions are full 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length. This means your total time in the office may be 10 to 15 minutes more than your appointment.  Prior to your session we will have a consultation regarding your complaints and/or pain where we can make a plan for your massage.  I will step out of the room so you may undress to your comfort level and get onto the table.  The table is dressed with a heated pad, bottom sheet, top sheet, and lightweight blanket. You will be instructed as to which direction to begin, usually face down between the top and bottom sheet.

       You do not have to take off any clothing you are uncomfortable removing, however, to get the best results I need to be able to touch skin. Only the body section currently being worked on will be undraped. Draping is a requirement, although if you are overly warm, we may turn off the table warmer and/or remove the table blanket. The top sheet will not be removed under any circumstances.

       At the end of the session, I will step back out of the room for you to redress. I will return to the room, provide you with water, check you out, and schedule your next appointment.

       It is not uncommon to feel sleepy or mildly dizzy immediately after your massage. If sleepy, drinking some water and standing up may get the circulation moving again. If dizzy, feel free to sit for a few minutes and it should pass. If you are new to massage, had an especially deeper session, or had a Manual Lymph Drainage session, you may feel sore to the touch or slightly nauseous; this is normal and temporary.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

       Drink plenty of water the day before so you are hydrated, do not eat a large or heavy meal right before your appointment, and just relax.  If you feel more comfortable showering before you arrive feel free but try not to layer on too many scented body products, especially body lotions. They will not fully absorb into the skin and when combined with my oil we will end up with a sticky mess.


       Make sure your health history is complete and up to date.

Do you offer Deep Tissue?

       Yes, however, the better answer is that I also offer Deep Swedish. 


       After 15 years I’ve found that most people do not necessarily want true Deep Tissue massage, (which is extremely slow, quite uncomfortable, and generally restricted to a single area), and simply want a customized full body massage with a lot more pressure behind it. 
       Since people have come to associate ‘Swedish’ with being spa-like and relaxing, the flip side is that Swedish massage now means ‘fluffy’ and is not viewed as being a therapeutic modality.
       Every session can have the pressure adjusted heavier or lighter, except MLD. That is a pressure-specific modality.

What, exactly, is MLD, (Manual Lymph Drainage)?

       Manual Lymph Drainage, Lymphatic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, or MLD, is a pressure-specific modality that engages the Lymph system. This system is the gatekeeper to the body’s immune system and is responsible for, in part, filtering out bacteria, viruses, or foreign contaminates from the body before they cause a problem.

       This system is found throughout the entire body, however most people associate it with the lymph nodes in the neck that often become swollen when we catch a cold or flu.

       Engaging and activating this system can either be in preparation of an event, (pre-surgery lymph massage), or in reaction to an event, (post-surgery lymph massage, post-antibiotic use, post-illness).

       Since the Lymph system resides just under the skin layers and above most muscle tissue, the pressure involved is extremely light, barely the weight of the therapist’s fingers resting on the surface of the skin and long sweeping strokes. A full 60 minutes can be used to engage and move fluid throughout the entire body, beginning at the head, moving down to the feet and then returning. 

       The lymph nodes are found along the clavicle, axillary (underarm), elbow, wrist, abdomen, inguinal (crease of thigh and groin), knee, and ankle. 

Is Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage safe during the 1st trimester?

       Yes! Prenatal massage is, generally, not only safe but highly beneficial throughout your entire pregnancy.  Prenatal massage starts with the exact same techniques found in a customized therapeutic massage and is adapted to adjust with the expectant mother’s changing body.
       I use side-lying techniques with plenty of bolstering to support the body. I do not find the use of pregnancy pillow systems or tables that allow the client to lay face down to be particularly safe or comfortable.  In fact, side-lying is so effective that I use it for a wide variety of clients outside of prenatal massage.
       If you have any questions about your prenatal massage or possible contraindications, feel free to message me or talk with your doctor. A prescription is not required except in specific circumstances where a few contraindicators may be present.

What forms of payment do you accept? / Do you accept insurance?

       Payments are due at time of service.  I accept Cash and all major Credit Cards. I also accept payment via your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account provided you have it linked to your FSA debit card. You may or may not need a prescription from your doctor to have massage therapy covered under your FSA or HAS. This is something your insurance company or Human Resources department can clarify for you. That documentation stays with you for your records at tax-time, I do not need it.
       If your insurance covers Manual Therapy or Soft Tissue Therapy you are responsible for remitting payment at time of service then submitting your documentation to your insurance for reimbursement.  You will receive a receipt after every session that should have all the necessary information asked for by most insurance companies, including my Texas Department of Licensing license number and my National Provider Identification number. 

       If you require a copy of my session notes for reimbursement, please let me know. Allow 3 business days for submission of session notes and I can only submit them to you.  You will need to forward them directly to your insurance company.

Do you offer any discounts?

       While I sincerely wish that everyone could get massage as often as they wanted, I do feel that the services are priced very well for their value.

       Prepaid sessions, (in 4 or 6-packs), are available for those who are looking to make massage a regular and affordable part of their health and wellness plan. 4-packs are priced at Buy 3, Get 1 50% off and 6-packs are Buy 5, Get 1 Free. Prepaid series are shareable with a family member and are best utilized by those wanting to set up regular maintenance appointments.

       A standing 10% discount off all regular priced single and prepaid series is available to all Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders, and to all current families enrolled at Gateway College Preparatory School in Georgetown, TX. (We are proud members of the classes of 2025 and 2021.)

       Follow my blog for notices of limited-time specials and Facebook or Instagram for alerts of last minute cancellations or openings.

How do I use my Groupon?

       Occasionally you will find vouchers on Groupon for new or prenatal services.  While I love Groupon, personally, and think it's a fantastic tool for trying out new stuff, it is meant for new clients only.  Groupon Vouchers are redeemable for the stated service for four months, (120 days),  and afterwards the value of the voucher will be applied to the regular price of your appointment. Groupon may be willing to extend your expiration date, however that is something you have to take up with them, as a merchant I have no control over your expiration date.

       Make your appointment like usual. In the comment area of your appointment confirmation, please put your Groupon or Living Social voucher number. This is a 6-9 digit numeral.  I will verify the voucher prior to your appointment and contact you if there are any issues.

       An established client who returns with a second Groupon Voucher within 12 months may be held to the full appointment price. Exceptions may be made at my discretion.

       I reserve the right to limit the number of Groupon appointments that may be scheduled within any given time period or to deny Groupon redemption during high-volume times.

       Feel free to contact me if you have a Groupon Voucher for a service and have questions about redemption.


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