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Signature Therapeutic Massage utilizes a blend of Swedish, Thai, Sports, Myofascial, and Trigger-point Release to completely customize your session to your current needs. Whether you need to correct an imbalance or just relax, we will find the best solution.



Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Usually suitable for all three trimesters, side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.



Manual Release and Drainage of the Lymph System to boost the body's natural immunity.

A must-have for pre- and post-surgical procedures, especially Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures. Adaptable as a standalone 60 Minute session or may be combined into a longer session with 30 Minutes Lymph Drainage and either 60 or 90 Minutes Therapeutic Massage.


Please note: First time clients may need a phone consult prior to their first MLD appointment.

Pricing for massage services is by session length:

 30 Minutes.....$40

60 Minutes.....$80

90 Minutes.....$110

120 Minutes.....$140


Aromatherapy blended oil (rotates seasonally)

Sombra Cool Therapy or Warm Relief

CryoDerm Cold or Heat topical therapy

heating pad and/or cooling eye mask

Available for an additional charge:

Hot Lava Shells $25

Benefits: similar to Hot Stone Massage, Lava Shells are natural shells which have been polished and sealed. A sachet is inserted into the shell and activated with a solution of salt water and magnesium.  This produces an exothermic reaction heating up the shells. Unlike Hot Stones which absorb heat from a water bath and then lose heat quickly, Lava Shells generate heat internally and remain hot for 45+ minutes.

Dry Brushing $15

Benefits: exfoliates the skin, promotes circulation, and warms the skin and muscles preparing for massage. You are given your brush to take home with you after the session. If you bring your brush back, future sessions can add dry brushing for no additional cost. (If you forget your brush the $15 additional charge applies again.)